EqualStreetNames Update

Today, I updated the data for my ESN module for the city of Assen, because of a small bug in the project. After some more research I was also finally able to add the missing references for the southern part of the industry area, finally completing another part. This time i even added an entirely new Wikidata item, based on an old population register. And the big upshot of all of this, is that I only have 3794 OSM ways left to do 😉. At least you can now see vaguely where I’ve done all my mapping work. The first map shows, which streets don’t have a WikiData reference yet, while the second map shows streets that do have one.

Map of Assen, showing streets without WikiData reference

Map of Assen, showing streets with WikiData reference

I’ve also been working adding a module for Groningen, but when I started looking at the data, I found out that there were only 3 streets that had any information. After mapping for over an hour I managed to add quite some more.