On this page you can find some of my projects. More projects are added regularly. If you have any questions about them you can contact me.

  • EqualStreetNames Assen

    My submodule for EqualStreetNames, for the city Assen. Available in English, Dutch and German.

  • Geofabrik Regions

    A simple list of the regions Geofabrik offers, with a link to the corresponding download page and Taginfo site.

  • Map of Assen 🇳🇱

    This viewer allows you to view aerial imagery of Assen and overlay several maps.

  • iTunes Search

    This simple web page enables you to search the iTunes store of a few countries. It is currently under development and more countries and languages will be added.

  • RDW Erkenningen 🇳🇱

    This web-app allows you to query RDW acknowledged companies. It's currently only available in Dutch.

  • Signaller

    Signaller is a web-app, designed to manage your collection of traffic lights. It enables you to add details and photos of your traffic lights.

  • Tile Viewer

    A simple page showing the OpenStreetMap tiles I host.